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Building cooperative Newton – Passive houses with plus energy

  • The 4 storey low rise buildings incorporate sustainable design features to provide homes that are healthier, safer and operate at lower costs.

    • We are +Energy because we generate energy in excess of our requirements!
    • Our development is sustainable because we maximize our façade and roof surfaces to harness solar energy and transform it into electricity and hot water!
    • We are trend-setting because we are tapping into renewable energy and combining stringent green innovation with modern design!
  • We determine the quality of where we plan to live!


The cost of heating, gas and electricity are continuously on the rise and will continue to rise. Therefore building with the highest energy efficiency is not only beneficial to the wellbeing of the environment by reducing carbon emissions but will also lead to savings in energy costs. The Newton Project is a stunning development that sets an example and new standards for style and quality in urban living as well as energy efficiency. Located between Newtonstrasse, Abraham-Joffe-Strasse and Alexander-von-Humboldt-Weg, 39 wheelchair-accessible units (ranging between 50-150 m₂) will be built as part of the Newton Building Community with flexible floor plans, underground parking and a lovely common garden. Using an integrated design, the most energy efficient technologies will be used: facades will be well insulated, windows will be triple glazed and a heat recovery system will be incorporated into the ventilation systems.



The Newton Project will meet all its heating and electricity needs by generating its own energy through a combination of photo-voltaic and solar-thermal systems. As a result, in comparison to the current building standards, this development will be able to reduce energy costs for water and heating by 70%. Aside from being self sufficient, home owners will not be impacted by future utility price increases. An added bonus will be the reimbursement from the sale of excess energy and heat generated by the renewable energy systems.

An important aspect of this develop ment is the high level of usage of renewable energies to help reduce the consumption of fossil fuels and the corresponding negative environmental impacts. The German Environment Foundation has recognized the high energy efficiency standards and the exceptional innovative nature of this real estate project and will be supporting it as a flagship for property development. By joining this project and purchasing a flat you will benefit from this support in the form of subsidized state loans.


The 3 beautiful buildings of the first phase of the development enclose a naturally landscaped common garden, which we designed together with Dr. Gabriele Holst, a landscape architect. Residents will be able to relax and also enjoy growing their own herb and vegetables. The highly flexible nature of the apartments allows multi-generational living allowing you to adapt to different phases of life. Once the children have left home, the apartment can be separated to create two smaller units one of which can be leased or sold.


Our Apartments – Something for everyone!

Currently units offering a range of living spaces from penthouse to different sized ground floor garden apartments with 2–3 bedrooms and small studios for short term use are still available. You can view examples of floor plans and much more with one click.

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The property is ours!

In May 2014 we bought the property on which the 3 apartment buildings will be built in 2015 offering 39 wheelchair- accessible apartments ranging between 50 – 150 m₂ to suit every lifestyle. A selection of one, two, three and four bedroom flats are still available. We look forward to welcoming you as our future neighbours!

3 plus six =
Newton Project

The 9 buildings that will be built over the next few years to complete the whole development will be constructed meandering across the property offering a mix of town houses and apartments. The buildings in future phases will have 3 floors compared the 4 floors of the 3 buildings of the first phase. The owners of units on the top floors will therefore enjoy unrestricted views overlooking the open spaces of the Johannistal Nature Reserve. All the buildings and the garden will be raised 80 cm above the level of the surrounding streets.

Our garden

The large size of the approximately 3,000m property on which the 3 phase one houses will be built, enables us to plan private gardens for the apartments on the ground floor as well as a common garden for the other residents offering a desirable world of space, luxury and privacy within. The roughly 800m₂ common garden will be a meeting point for all residents to simply relax, enjoy sitting in the sun and reading or gardening while the younger ones play, or where we can enjoy a Summer evening barbecue. The garden will however not be self contained or sealed off but form part of the open, meandering garden of the larger development of 9 buildings.